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The world is a complete, compatible system and we can live in the ecosystem as partner by eating the healthy food.

As long as we eat doing sports and work well our lives will be well.

Almost malnutrition encountered with more than 50% of diseases incidence in human being.


Controlling of diseases via innovative neutraceutics and Magnification of the Protection Esteem and Healthy Life in the Middle East, Africa, and becoming One of Leading Nutriceutical Company in around.


Innovation, Formulation, and Packaging Premium Quality Nutriceutical Products with International Edge.


• Customer Focus

• Integrity

• Passion

• Responsibility and Commitment

• 改善 kaizen



Specpro is a natural antimicrobial agent which has significant result in treating upper respiratory tract infections and GIT infections.


Fibrocro is a newly emerged trend in controlling weight with multiple actions and joyful diet regimen.


Complir is an innovative formula for controlling and treating iron deficiency anemia.


• Foodex is advanced ultra premium whey protein supplement that deliver superior muscle building results with 70% more lean muscle than regular whey.


• Each scoop contain 30 g Protein  6.9 g BCAA, 5.3 g Glutamine, 3 g Creatine.

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Head Office:

Phone : +1 (201) 310-8608
Address : 88 N 15th st 1R Bloomfield, New Jerssy, USA

Middle East Office:
Phone: +2 010 60 65 1300
Address: Nasr City,Cairo,Egypt

E-mail : medicina.pharma@yahoo.com

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